Open Access Working Together

1) Jisc and several of the pathfinders are doing work on financials of open access.  So I have invited various people to comment on the open access metadata discussion document I have started on this blog

2)The EPrints UK meeting on Friday encouraged working together on open access requirements.  As well as trying to establish what metadata is important we are exploring whether sites have already set something up that we can use as a starting point.

3) At the SCONUL 2014 Summer Conference I included an overview of the pathfinder programme and the End-to-End project in particular in my session.  I also spoke with representatives from SWETS and Sierra and we pondered exploring better integration of these services into the open access process.

4) The RIOXX project have just released their documentation at so I will be cross referencing it (no pun intended) with our metadata ponderings.

Hoping to bring it all together!


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