Monthly Archive:: July 2014

Thank You!

A big thank you to the 13 folk who came to London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine today to discuss open access metadata requirements. More re questions than answers at this stage but no major surprises arising.   Lots of work to do including contacting some stakeholders to clarify what they need in terms

Informal Metadata Discussion anyone?

I’ve been having a chat with Alison Sutton (Reading) re metadata – ‘What exactly does that field mean?’ ‘Do we need that field as well as that one?’ etc A few of us are meeting in central London PM 28th July c2-4pm to talk about open access metadata based on the document at: If

Workshop Glasgow 4th September

Come along to a workshop in Glasgow on 4th September to look at open access examples from different organisations, identify issues, suggest solutions, and consider what fields we need in our systems to manage open access. All very welcome.  Outputs will of course be shared via distribution lists and this blog .    

Project Meeting Lancaster 7th July

A very useful meeting held at Lancaster yesterday. We explored metadata and processes for open access a bit more and outlined plans for our first workshop which will be advertised soon and will comprise largely of: Process walkthroughs to identify areas of inefficiency and best practice using examples from the institutions who attend Looking at

Open Access Synergy

I’ve just been talking to colleagues who are working on our sister Pathfinder project led by Edinburgh. We were discussing standardising metadata specifications to be system agnostic.  One project is focussing on EPrints and another on PURE but much of the information is common and having a common specification and language will help with

Working on Metadata Requirements

I’ve collated some thoughts on the fields from RIOXX, and input from other organisations (mainly but not only EPrints users) on the document available via  and I’m hoping to follow up with discussions with some of these sites. Other project team member are reviewing these comments and we hope to include a slot on