Repository Fringe – part 2

Masud Khokhar and Louise Tripp represented Lancaster University at Repository Fringe. It was a great event and many thanks goes to colleagues from Edinburgh for organising the event.

Some great things came out of the presentation on End to End project by Valerie McCutcheon. You can find the presentation here. We knew that we had to work closely with RIOXX but it was further clarified during the RIOXX session. RIOXX has become an agreed vocabulary among all research councils, however it is not backward compatible and that is why it makes dateAccepted field mandatory. The focus of RIOXX has also shifted from being an open application profile to one that is specific to publications. It seems like RIOXX would be a subset of the metadata application profile that what we are developing in the E2E project.

It was great to see the project’s strong links with EPrints, HHulOA reiterated. There are also strong links with the work that the Edinburgh lead LOCH project is doing. It was also great to see the twitter feeds and people responding to the presentation and the deliverables of the project.








Don’t forget, places have almost ran out on our 4th of September Glasgow workshop. See here for more details.

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