Has anyone got a ball of wool?


Does anyone remember those adverts in the Sunday Post that asked for a ball of wool ‘Has anyone got a ball of Paton’s 3 ply in araucania ranco to finish a jumper?’

Well I have had a successful day’s knitting today.

Like many I’ve been confused about the various initiatives working on addressing Open Access requirements.  I’m very keen to avoid duplicating effort whilst also wanting to drive ahead and deliver solutions and not wait to see if something else that I don’t  know much about might help.

1) I had a useful chat with Stuart Lawson from Jisc Collections.  They have been looking at how to capture information about open access costs to use in pricing discussions etc.  We are cross referencing with our metadata wish list and hopefully going forward we can agree how things relate (map) or use the same terms.   Potentially a simple extract from systems could then be sent to Jisc.  The Jisc template could provide a useful tool to those organisations that do not have central systems to store this information.

2) Simon Kerridge and I sat in on the Jisc Monitor webinar this morning and I got a bettter idea of some of the deliverables planned as well as a strong sense that Jisc are listening to community ideas and requirements.  I look forward to being more involved.

3) A survey is being planned (what another time consuming survey?)  – had a chat with the organiser and noted that some info could perhaps be re-used e.g. if people had already sent in data to other surveys could they send that in rather than start from scratch – yes was the answer

Over the last few days I have been unravelling the RIOXX plans a bit too and so I think the main task there is to talk to systems folk (in my case EPrints) and identify exactly what is being offered and how we can knit that together with our metadata requirements to zip up a reasonably comprehensive set of OA metadata and reports.

There is a lot to do and a lot of questions but I feel a bit more informed today.

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