RCUK Open Access Reporting

Well done if you have already completed something to return to RCUK.

Seems there are a variety of approaches.

I’ve gone for trying to answer the questions directly so have a spreadsheet of transactions extracted from our finance system.

As the transactions are not always one to one per article processing charge I’ve used the items we have marked ‘gold’ on our spreadsheet to identify numbers by publisher and hope this is useful to RCUK.  Of course some of them have not yet been actually paid from our finance system so the lists don’t match precisely.

So that info is ‘ready’ and I have also been looking at licence details on our repository.  We are going to re-run this dataset now that we have checked and added some additional details.

So I’ve taken data from 3 different places and I know it is not perfect but I hope fit for purpose.  What is more worrying is the time and effort so I am very keen to build some better data recording and reporting via our Pathfinder projects and by working with Jisc initatives.

Budget at 31/07/14
Sub-Total Paid to Publishers £397,671.53
Sub-Total Of Other Expenditure £2,151.09
Total Actual Expenditure £399,822.62
Block grant £887,408.00 100%
Balance of block grant £487,585.38
Estimated committed to 31/07/14 £90,100.00
Estimated balance of block grant £397,485.38 44%
44% budget left with 33% of the budget allocation period to go.
We expect to spend all of the funds:
Activity is ramping up
There was a slow start to spend as we had various pre-payments in place before the 1st April and have used some of these first before using the RCUK funds.
There are a number of applications pending decision on open access.
There may also be some further recoveries to the RCUK fund to be made.
As a guide to number of articles per publisher we have provided a list of publications that we have allocated for payment against RCUK funds. Some of these may not yet be paid but be included in the commitments figure above.

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