Project Update

What have we achieved so far?

Our first workshop a lively discussion around information requirements and issues associated with Open Access took place on 4th September.  The report will be posted soon on this blog.    The workshop slides and outline can be found at

The workshop findings contributed to the ARMA and other submissions to the RCUK OA implementation consultation.

Considerable work has been done on identifying and discussing information requirements for Open Access.  An updated list will be included in the outputs of the workshop.  There are many questions and actions to take forward particularly about RIOXX which is a new standard that RCUK are hoping we can all use for reporting on RCUK related publications.

We have been looking at baseline cost of managing Open Access and are looking forward to trying out tools that our sister Pathfinder projects are designing rather than re-inventing the wheel for this in any detail.

There has been discussion with other projects to allocate work and to join forces on some aspects.  We have spoken with the Edinburgh led project about joining up on defining metadata requirements.  We are involved in the CASRAI-UK Open Access working group through which we hope we can soon manifest a more formal standard ‘profile’ for Open Access metadata.

We are very keen to manifest an initial live instance of all of the Open Access data in EPrints and test this at individual sites.  We are looking forward to testing the RIOXX plug-in which we understand covers some of the Open Access fields and hope we can work out how this will all fit together.

Early 2015 we plan a Research Excellence Framework workshop and we are working with other parties to ensure that the many workshops and presentations in support of this area are complimentary and each offers something new or unique.

We will keep blogging and emailing distribution lists to share our outputs, questions and comments.

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