Hydra case study for E2EOA metadata profile

A significant outcome of the Jisc funded E2EOA project’s September workshop is the metadata profile/specification for Open Access. The key idea for this metadata profile is that it supersedes any system related profiles. Instead it provides a comprehensive starting point from where you can adopt the profile to your liking in the system of your choice. The metadata profile is crowd sourced for larger consultation and can be viewed at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ViOQj5Cj9mlkFCTjCMjtAA6pELEM9s_82IGfSJF5lv0/edit

The metadata profile is also currently being looked at by CASRAI for possible adoption as a standard.

One of the project deliverables is a case study on ‘Capturing and Reporting Open Access Metadata in Hydra’, which will describe the applicability of the metadata profile in Hydra, providing a basis for interoperability with other similar systems. This links closely with the Work Package 4 (WP4) of another Jisc funded project titled HHuloa led by University of Hull. The WP4 of HHuloa project outlines ‘to enhance local systems to serve OA needs’ and part of this would involve implementing the metadata profile within Hydra.

At Lancaster University, we have been working with the base HyHull code (the Hydra base code used by University of Hull) and adopting it to support various needs of Lancaster University including implementation of the OA metadata profile that has been generated as part of the E2EOA project. Currently we are reviewing the Journal Article output type (to start with) and updating this particular output type to include the fields from the metadata profile. Most of the work on this will be done in the next couple of months, and will be kickstarted by a Hydra UK hackathon in early January. The hackathon will be hosted at University of York where members of both E2EOA and HHuloa project will come together and work together on various aspects. As part of the Hydra UK user group, we will also disseminate our progress and work to the wider Hydra community in addition to the Pathfinder community.

An initial discussion on how we proceed forward on Hydra work will be happening between myself and Chris Awre (HHuloa project) later today at the Open Access Good Practice Pathfinder projects meeting. This will make sure that we can maximise the benefits of Jisc funding on both projects.

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