EPrints UK User Group Meeting

A large proportion of the morning  presentations and  afternoon discusson groups at yesterday’s EPrints UK user group was around ensuring our systems could deliver open access requirements.

Extract from Agenda

10:45 – Valerie McCutcheon (Glasgow) – Open Access Update

11:05 – David Baker (CASRAI) – CASRAI

11:25 – Sheridan Brown (Key Perspectives) & Timothy Miles-Board (ULCC) – RIOXX

11:45 – UEL/ULCC-ROAR/data.uel

  • data.uel development
  • CoinDOI
  • Repository Links*
  • Look & Feel

*This was functionality to efficiently create links between publications and datasets in our systems.

There was renewed optimism for working together to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort in implementing longer term solutions.

We have our big metadata spreadsheet but pragmatically we need to get on and deliver a more basic EPrints specification to the EPrints team as soon as possible to remove the need to use spreadsheets locally as these are often duplicating other bits of information already in our systems (in our case EPrints repository).

We need to get on and deliver a comprehensive dictionary and generic technical specification via the CASRAI UK Open Access Working group and including stakeholders from REF, RCUK and Jisc initiatives such as RIOXX.  There is a meeting Friday 16th January at which a number of us will discuss how we pull these strands together into one comprehensive specification.

There are some bits of metadata we will need clarification on in order to implement them usefully.

It can be difficult to match financial transactions with publications – there can be a many-to-many relationship.

There are lots of other issues – but we are persistent!

You can get a flavour of the event by searching #eprintsug on twitter.




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