Open Access in EPrints

We have done some basic testing of the software provided for EPrints via the RIOXX initiative.

It looks like we could make a few small changes to cover more comprehensively what we need  for open access in the short-medium term – and get rid of our spreadsheets which duplicate a lot of info already on EPrints.

I am sure it is not that simple….  Over the next few weeks we will proceed with some caution and test a local version.

From Glasgow point of view I think we need to:

1)      Add fund that APC is paid from – short drop down list as required for COAF reporting

2)      Add date APC payment made*

3)      Add value of APC payment*

4)      Add Licence type*

5)      Add article reference

6)      Add Award referenced*

7)      Add Dataset referenced*

8)      Add Type (green/gold/no OA option etc)*

9)      Add Estimated cost*

10)   Add Transaction number*

11)   Add Date of first deposit of compliant AM

*Most of this already in our local EPrints version so may be more integrating it with the report functions or  modifying the field format.

We are working with our colleagues in Southampton to identify key changes required and test software that arises as a result.

We will also revisit our big spreadsheet of open access metadata in case there is something pressing we need that will then not be incorporated in this version on our test server.  This may be an iterative process.

We will also look at linking the funder and project info to our existing funder/project set up that we have in EPrints.

Once more comprehensive data is in EPrints we might be able to modify the reporting longer term to spit out a) what COAF want in similar spreadsheet format b) what RCUK want for reporting c) simple compliance checks and internal reporting

This won’t be a total solution but may be a step towards efficiency and compliance.

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