Slow but Positive Progress

We are on our next iteration of our RIOXX testing.  RIOXX was a Jisc initiative that delivered a reporting profile for RCUK open access.  As part of this an EPrints extension has been provided to the community to support collection of the relevant information.   We have already made an amended version (see last blog post) and we think we also want a field for actual VAT  paid seperate to the cost field.  The VAT often comes in much later and we could be under forecasting year end budget if we do not notice that VAT has not been accounted for.

My colleagues here are amending our local test version of EPrints and I will then retest.

We will provide EPrints services and Southampton with access to our test set up and as further discussion takes place we hope to agree how a generic and comprehensive open access set up can be provided in EPrints for all to use.  We hope to involve other sites soon.

In a seperate but related activity I have reviewed our institutional requirements and the Jisc Monitor Open Access spreadsheet as recommended for Charities Open Access Fund reporting and added any missing elements to the CASRAI UK Open Access draft data profile.  This profile is being developed so that we can have a common list of open access terms and definitions and common specification for what we record in our systems.

The next CASRAI meeting is on 19th February and I hope then to update this blog with clarification of how the profile will be developed and how you can comment on any gaps or make suggestions.

If you are working on open access metadata and don’t see a representative of your stakeholder group below please do get in touch so we can link you in.

  • Nick Anderson, Symplectic
  • Chris Brown, Jisc
  • Sheridan Brown, Key Perspectives (for EPrints and RIOXX)
  • Geraldine Clement-Stoneham, MRC
  • Catherine Grout, Jisc
  • Ben Johnson, HEFCE (for REF)
  • Stuart Lawson, Jisc
  • George MacGregor, University of Strathclyde (For research organisations and PURE community)
  • Cecy Marden, Wellcome Trust (WT)
  • Valerie McCutcheon, University of Glasgow (For research organisations and EPrints community)
  • Gregor McDonagh, NERC
  • Balviar Notay, Jisc
  • Ben Ryan, EPSRC
  • Owen Stephens, Owen Stephens Consulting (for Jisc Monitor)
  • Thomas Vestdam, Elsevier Inc (For PURE)
  • Paul Walk, EDINA (for RIOXX)
  • David Baker, CASRAI
  • Sheri Belisle, CASRAI


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