Open Access and EPrints

A quick test of our next iteration of our test Open Access reporting (using the ‘RIOXX’ RCUK PlugIn for EPrints as a basis with additional fields added) and I am thinking:

  • Some additional types e.g. to indicate that a journal did not offer a green OA option – or any OA options.  We might explore if these could or should relate to REF exemptions but probably still want two distinct fields.
  • APC Fund field to identify who paid – We plan to add MRC SPHSU, THIRD PARTY, GOLD OTHER
  • Perhaps some fields could be switched off from mandatory initially or we need to agree a default value that indicates that correct value is not available at time of initial data entry – e.g. date of deposit of AAM, Licence REF, Acceptance date
  • Licence REF – can we map to publication date?  Can we add a drop down of the relevant licence types that will be accepted for this field?

We need to add clear help to all fields.

When we move to live we need to test the project/funder and person details come in correctly and map accordingly.

More on this soon.

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