Improved processes for Open Access at Lancaster University

E2E project – Lancaster University

This is an update on how Lancaster University has benefited from the outputs of the E2EOA project so far.

We have already made some changes after considering good practice at other institutions in the E2EOA project:

  • we have changed our funding application process so that the application is made after acceptance rather than before (so no longer tying up funding unnecessarily)
  • we have simplified the process so that we only seek approval from the HoD before the author makes a funding application and the Library carries out administrative checks (we used to also seek approval from the appropriate Associate Dean for Research)
  • Lancaster University has created an Open Access Policy with a focus on green OA, taking on board the HEFCE requirements.  This will be implemented on 1 May 2015.

What we are doing now:

  • We are adding further steps to our Pure validation process so we now ensure that the author completes the project field (from which we can find out associated UK Research Councils).  We are using the Bibliographical note field to record Date of Acceptance, and from 1 May 2015 we will ensure this field is completed, along with a deposit of evidence of acceptance.  From 1 May we will also require the author to add a CC-BY or CC-BY-NC licence to journal articles and conference proceedings.  We are enhancing the help within Pure to explain the changes.
  • We are still continuing with manual checking to discover: which licence has been applied to the repository document and to the publisher’s document, whether the funder has been acknowledged, availability of data has been given.
  • We are reporting to the Associate Deans for Research each quarter on RCUK compliance

What we hope to do in future:

  • Simplify the funding application process even more by having an online Sharepoint form with automated workflows, asking authors to add only their Pure ID number from which the Library can retrieve the relevant information
  • Implement the Pure update in June 2015 – this will keep clearer records of acceptance, embargoes, paper versions and licences
  • Report to the ADRs on a monthly basis on HEFCE compliance (checks should be in place at the point of validation)
  • We are working on a visual representation of the research cycle, starting with Open Access, so that researchers can easily see the requirements and contacts

We will continue to update the blog with further improvements we make. Meanwhile, if you have any comments/questions, please get in touch with us.

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