EPrints and Open Access

We had a very useful chat around our ‘Glasgow’ Open Access fields with EPrints sites and interested parties on 30th April.

We are considering how to share our work on Open Access so that others can use our ‘non-REF/non-RCUK’ fields.  More on this coming soon….

We are using the RCUK (RIOXX project) plugin for RCUK compliance.  Not sure how that will work out in practice but it is in our system and ‘works’:


We will probably try to use this when we report to RCUK later in 2015.  Possibly only for local clarification on where we are.

We await news from Jisc as to possible REF plugin and if this is not forthcoming soon we will build/commission more functionality to address REF ourselves.

Ideally we want to work with the community and avoid duplication so please do get in touch if you are looking at adding more fields for OA metadata to EPrints.

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