Project Update

Key Recent Activities Summary

Screenshot from University of Glasgow live comprehensive open access functionality – EPrints


  • University of Glasgow comprehensive open access management live in EPrints March 2015
  • RCUK functionality bearing fruit as more records are indicating compliance
  • EPrints OA code shared for community comment and improvement
  • Metadata and system demos discussions and presentations at a variety of fora including Repository Fringe, UKCoRR members day, ARMA Annual Conference, and EPrints UK User Group.
  • Liaising with Jisc representatives on standard reporting.  We tested our export from EPrints and Jisc verified that it fits the requirements for reporting via their spreadsheet for Charities Open Access Fund, RCUK, and Jisc Article Processing Charge analysis.  Jisc amended their guidance on the reporting to include system exports to the format as an option based on our suggestion and giving our case as an example.
  • Due to popular demand further REF workshop was held on 10th September.  Early feedback has been extremely positive and the report will be released on this blog soon.
  • The first part of the CASRAI UK Open Access standard profile was released for comment in July.  This focuses on payments information.
  • Within and across our teams, and beyond, we have had process reviews and improved our open access support and efficiency based on best practice.  Green case estimate including triage, processing and closure Aug 2014 ranged 35-45 minsutes now down to 30-40 mins.  Gold August 2014 60-90 minutes down to 45-60 minutes per case.  At Lancaster overall times have reduced though the actually processing of articles once green has been identified as the route o takes longer because additional central work is required now that authors self deposit.   E.g.
  • Project outputs can be found at

Lessons Learned

  • Stick to SMART objectives – there are a lot of things over which we have no control or even influence.
  • Press forcefully for information as to what other initiatives are doing and timeframes to try and reduce duplication of effort and save tax payer’s money.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.  No matter how many times and channels it is never enough.

Points for Discussion

  • How can we better communicate as a community instead of re-inventing the wheel?  Is there one central discussion forum or social space where key initiatives are outlined and we can see who is developing solutions across the stakeholders?  We all seem to be repeating the infomation gathering and analysis – or sometimes missing infomation because we cannot find it.

What’s Next?

  • Report from the 10th September workshop on Open Access and the REF will be available on this blog in the next few weeks.
  • Case studies on implementing Open Access in EPrints and Fedora drafts released early hopefully by end January 2016 with final versions due April 2016.
  • Encourage EPrints users to work together on the Open Access plug-in which is available at with view to others adopting it.  We have some sites looking at this.
  • Working on additional open access reporting – EPrints reports and visualisations.  We are currently working with a site in Germany with whom we have exchanged code.  Please contact if you are interested in working together on the OA EPrints code including the reports or simply want to take what we have and plug it in but need some help.
  • Additional standard metadata explanations released for discussion via CASRAI UK Open Access working group.


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