RCUK Open Access Reporting

Universities have been busy submitting their Open Access reports to RCUK.

The guidance may have been interepreted a bit differently across organisations and it will be useful to discuss how we clarify requirements and standardise offerings for similar future exercises.

We have set our systems up to capture all of the data required and export in the Jisc format so in future should be able to report APC related to a specific article more easily.    We did not want to change how we collated the data mid-reporting year but from 1st August 2015 costs are being added direct to our EPrints system and not to a seperate spreadsheet.

I like this blog post http://wwwf.imperial.ac.uk/blog/openaccess/2015/10/30/imperial-college-london-201415-rcuk-open-access-report/#comment-11349

Summary Glasgow available here http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/111777.  We have removed the APC data tab as the file we provided includes details of some as yet unpublished papers and we didn’t want to spend the time filtering out embargoed metadata for public view.  It will flow via Jisc to inform the wider open access analysis and we would be happy to share a sub-set of the information if there is a use for that outwith the Jisc analysis.  It would not be time consuming – just pressing on with a number of deadlines at present.

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