Jisc Open Access Tools

Today’s Jisc meeting spoke about piloting tools for managing open access costs.  The pilot will run till July 2016.

A system for aggregation of article processing charge (APC) information will be offered with options:

  • Organisations that already store APC information in existing systems such as commercial or bespoke information systems (typically research, finance, and publication repositories) will be able to upload data to the system to utilise the business intelligence.
  • Other organisations will be offered a service to record and manage their data case by case in the  system.

The aggregated information across many organisations could be used to consider:

  • Can this assist in agreeing deals with publishers?
  • Are there patterns emerging?
  • What does our journey look like in comparison with peers?


  • Jisc tool might integrate with SHERPA – maybe possible to use alt to manual check on SHERPA
  • What combination of tools might be right for us?  Currently using EPrints for storage and compliance checking.  Longer term is there a business case to use Jisc tool – or is it better to stay with our current set up and amend that if required. Maybe a dynamic update from our system would work giving us benefits of Jisc tools without compromising established services.  Rapidly changing environment so keeping an open mind about long term solutions.
  • Like us Jisc team note difficulties in uniquely matching financial records with publications – sometimes there is no unique identifier available early on or carried into finance systems.
  • Might help us check that APC already paid by third party.
  • Careful discussion is required around dataflow e.g. if Router inputs to our system AND to the Jisc system how do we synchronise and minimise duplication of effort and confusion?
  • Considerable duplication of what is in our systems. Interested to explore implications.
  • How the RCUK plugin (from RIOXX), REF plugin, this new system, and other tools fit together.
  • Probably don’t want to overengineer reports at this stage
  • Is the funder report showing pure open access via purchase of open access option in traditional journal based on the categorisation supplied by research organisations?  If so might be indicative only at this stage.
  • It would be interesting to compare a years data on EPrints 1/8/15-31/07/16 with the Jisc system – on my list to send another sample to my Jisc chums.
  • If you are an EPrints site interested in solving OA metadata requirements please contact us and work together – EPrints site/Jisc discussion is open and on-going around this please join us  – valerie.mccutcheon@glasgow.ac.uk

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