Sharing Best Practice

We have spent the afternoon here with Dominic Tate from our sister Pathfinder Project LOCHS

Apart from our geographical proximity our projects share elements of technical solutions for Open Access.

Today we compared processes.  The structure and work division are very different.  The principles and systems are very similar.

Neither site currently mandate forwarding of author’s acceptance email for storage as evidence of date of acceptance.  Both often receive these.  Edinburgh sometimes save the email as a closed document in the repository.  Glasgow retain emails in the email system.

We discussed better evidence that the correct version rather than just ‘a’ version was uploaded to the repository.

We were both concerned with reaching all authors and ensuring they knew about requirements for the next Research Excellence Framework Exercise.  We agreed – use all and any channels, get University leaders to advertise this.

We had both developed similar compliance checks and reports for Colleges and are looking forward to comparing notes again in a few months to see what else we can share and what the early data is telling us.





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