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Mapping Open Access requirements to Pure and Fedora: a technical case study

One of our deliverables for the E2EOA project, a technical case study is now available at the link below. This is published under CC-BY-SA. Mapping Open Access requirements to Pure and Fedora Please feel free to send us any comments or suggestions for improvement.

Open Access Technical Workshop – Lancaster’s Experience

Today, I and Louise Tripp from Lancaster University attended the Open Access workshop organised by Jisc funded E2EOA and LOCH Good Practice pathfinder projects. Lancaster University is a partner in the E2EOA project. The day started with a short introduction by Valerie McCutcheon (University of Glasgow, E2EOA) followed immediately by systems demonstrations session led by

Capturing and Reporting Open Access Metadata in Hydra/Fedora

One of the deliverables of the End to End Open Access project is ‘Capturing and Reporting Open Access Metadata in Hydra Fedora’, which Lancaster University have been working on over the past couple of months. We are no longer working on incorporating Open Access metadata in Hydra, primarily because this is the focus of the HHuLOA project and

Improved processes for Open Access at Lancaster University

E2E project – Lancaster University This is an update on how Lancaster University has benefited from the outputs of the E2EOA project so far. We have already made some changes after considering good practice at other institutions in the E2EOA project: we have changed our funding application process so that the application is made after

Hydra case study for E2EOA metadata profile

A significant outcome of the Jisc funded E2EOA project’s September workshop is the metadata profile/specification for Open Access. The key idea for this metadata profile is that it supersedes any system related profiles. Instead it provides a comprehensive starting point from where you can adopt the profile to your liking in the system of your

Repository Fringe – part 2

Masud Khokhar and Louise Tripp represented Lancaster University at Repository Fringe. It was a great event and many thanks goes to colleagues from Edinburgh for organising the event. Some great things came out of the presentation on End to End project by Valerie McCutcheon. You can find the presentation here. We knew that we had to work

E2E commences

Welcome to the End-to-End – Open Access Process Review and Improvements (E2E) project blog! E2E is a two year project funded by JISC under the OA Good Practice Pathfinder Programme, which will conclude at the end of May 2016. For now, you can read specifically about this project here about the E2E project and about the