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More Sharing of Best Practice….and Donuts

We had a great meeting with colleagues at St Andrews this week.  We spoke about open access processes and research data management in some detail.   And we ate the most delicious cakes… We have some differences in policy but broadly similar processes. We agreed to follow up with an even more detailed look at financial

Sharing Best Practice

We have spent the afternoon here with Dominic Tate from our sister Pathfinder Project LOCHS Apart from our geographical proximity our projects share elements of technical solutions for Open Access. Today we compared processes.  The structure and work division are very different.  The principles and systems are very similar. Neither site currently mandate forwarding

Project Update January 2016

What have we done recently? We have extracted article processing data direct from our system (EPrints) and submitted this to the Jisc APC analysis. CASRAI UK initial webinar has taken place and plans are being made for initial working groups – which I hope will include further work on open access definitions. The Research

Compliant Deposit

The new REF module for EPrints does not seem to include a method to record date of compliant deposit. Luckily we already added this to our open access tab. We did not want to just use the date of upload – just because a file has been uploaded does not indicate compliant deposit.  We wanted

REF OA – EPrints Functionality

I’ve been doing some initial testing of the open access plug-in for compliance with Research Excellence Framework Open Access requirements.   I think it will do the trick with a few tweaks, some questions to be answered, and some reporting set up from it.   Here are my informal notes: ref_oa_test_schedule_v1.0xlsx More testing being done but

Jisc Open Access Tools

Today’s Jisc meeting spoke about piloting tools for managing open access costs.  The pilot will run till July 2016. A system for aggregation of article processing charge (APC) information will be offered with options: Organisations that already store APC information in existing systems such as commercial or bespoke information systems (typically research, finance, and publication

Quick Informal Speel About EPrints Open Access

eprints oa test

Report from Workshop September 2015

Hello, Our workshop report is coming soon.   Apologies. We’ve been busy with various reporting requirements. Update with link to  a lovely summary provided by Barry Hall, Sunderland: Original post advertising event: Please do get in touch if you have a burning question. Valerie 0141-330-2674  

RCUK Open Access Reporting

Universities have been busy submitting their Open Access reports to RCUK. The guidance may have been interepreted a bit differently across organisations and it will be useful to discuss how we clarify requirements and standardise offerings for similar future exercises. We have set our systems up to capture all of the data required and export

REF Testing

Just been notifed that beta testing for the EPrints plug-in has been sent to the test volunteers.  We have till end November to do some testing and provide feedback.  Really looking forward to having a go at this – after 6th November due to various open access and other reporting deadlines looming….