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EPrints and Open Access

We had a very useful chat around our ‘Glasgow’ Open Access fields with EPrints sites and interested parties on 30th April. We are considering how to share our work on Open Access so that others can use our ‘non-REF/non-RCUK’ fields.  More on this coming soon…. We are using the RCUK (RIOXX project) plugin for RCUK

Open Access Metadata Discussion 30th April

We are having an information meeting of a few sites here at Glasgow PM 30th April. Discussion will be based around a demo of functionality in live Glasgow EPrints system which includes RCUK (RIOXX) and local Open Access requirements and ability to output to Charities Open Access Spreadsheet format. If you want to join us

EU Open Access Pilot

Glasgow are taking part in an Open Access pilot for completed FP7 projects.  We expect the pilot to start late April/early May. In preparation we: Are attending a meeting tomorrow 9th April to discuss the pilot. Are checking how our list of FP7 awards compares to that supplied by the project team. Have spent some

Process Review

Seasonal Open Access Process review at Kent Glasgow also reviewing processes this morning focussing on financial management with the usual suspect issues emerging: How can we streamline communications to the authors when we have to send them initial advice, confirm payments, confirm repository deposit – ongoing work on streamlining these Confusion of having so many

EPrints Achievement

Really pleased today. My colleague Mick Eadie moved the test open access environment (RIOXX, other open access fields, reporting) into our live environment and we successfully processed our first open access record through this route. Covers everything we need for our spreadsheet and the Jisc spreadsheet that is being recommended for Charities Open Access Fund

Project Update

Key activities over the last 3 months: Delivery of Research Excellence Framework workshop.  The report will be issued shortly.  Due to demand we plan to advertise another workshop on this topic duly amended based on feedback from the last. Received the awaited for RCUK Open Access plugin for EPrints and have been testing that against

European Funding – FP7 Open Access Pilot

Hello All, The following has been announced:   Details of how funding will be provided to follow soon.

EPrints Open Access Work

Hello All, It looks like Jisc will be providing functionality to capture the open access information for: RCUK (RIOXX plugin available now in baazar) REF Horizon 2020 OpenAire The E2E project is looking at other open access information required for internal management and compliance checking – i.e. everything else that is not required by these

CASRAI UK Open Access Working Group Update

Hi All, I promised an update from the Open Access Working Group meeting that was held yesterday. A reminder that the main current thrust of the group is to produce a data profile for open access.  That is a standard national data dictionary defining terms used for open access such as acceptance date, licence type

Additional Open Access Fields

I’ve just been drafting definitions and help text for the additional open access fields we think we need over and above RCUK and REF requirements. Looking forward to letting Southampton colleagues and EPrints in on our test system next week.