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Additional Open Access Fields

I’ve just been drafting definitions and help text for the additional open access fields we think we need over and above RCUK and REF requirements. Looking forward to letting Southampton colleagues and EPrints in on our test system next week.  

Working Together

I’ve just been listening to the Jisc Monitor update on ‘Monitor Local’ Recording available here: https://vimeo.com/119236582 This is a prototype offering that Jisc are working on for managing open access costs and compliance.  It is not meant to replace existing systems but sits alongside commercial, open source, and local systems as another option.  So whilst

Open Access and EPrints

A quick test of our next iteration of our test Open Access reporting (using the ‘RIOXX’ RCUK PlugIn for EPrints as a basis with additional fields added) and I am thinking: Some additional types e.g. to indicate that a journal did not offer a green OA option – or any OA options.  We might explore

Slow but Positive Progress

We are on our next iteration of our RIOXX testing.  RIOXX was a Jisc initiative that delivered a reporting profile for RCUK open access.  As part of this an EPrints extension has been provided to the community to support collection of the relevant information.   We have already made an amended version (see last blog

Open Access in EPrints

We have done some basic testing of the software provided for EPrints via the RIOXX initiative. It looks like we could make a few small changes to cover more comprehensively what we need  for open access in the short-medium term – and get rid of our spreadsheets which duplicate a lot of info already on

National Information Standards Organization

NISO Guidelines for access and licencing of e-content now available.  This will be taken into account in RIOXX/CASRAI open access work. http://www.niso.org/news/pr/view?item_key=641bc3f6540b533afee9e7db9edebb6dd5b0ed81

How can we make Open Access Work?

Here is a link to a summary of a meeting that I participated in.    The focus is around working with publishers to have a more efficient process and information flow for open access. http://www.copyright.com/content/cc3/en/toolbar/aboutUs/newsRoom/pressReleases/press_2015/press-release-15-1-14.html Jisc and Pathfinder project initaitives continue to work with publishers to explore ways to reduce inefficiencies in the processes.

Workshop: Open Access and the REF, Issues and Potential Solutions (including presentations)

The second E2E workshop, Open Access and the REF took place in London on Monday 12th January. The workshop focused on metadata issues, particularly with a view to preparing for the next REF. Ben Johnson from HEFCE discussed the next REF Open Access requirements and other speakers including David Baker at CASRAI, and Sarah Fahmy and Steve

EPrints UK User Group Meeting

A large proportion of the morning  presentations and  afternoon discusson groups at yesterday’s EPrints UK user group was around ensuring our systems could deliver open access requirements. Extract from Agenda 10:45 – Valerie McCutcheon (Glasgow) – Open Access Update 11:05 – David Baker (CASRAI) – CASRAI 11:25 – Sheridan Brown (Key Perspectives) & Timothy Miles-Board (ULCC) – RIOXX 11:45 –

Updating OA procedures

We’re all agreed that Open Access compliance is getting increasingly more complex and time-consuming. At Southampton, our Open Access requests have doubled compared to this time last year, policies have changed and more funders are bringing out Open Access policies, in particular HEFCE’s next REF Open Access requirements. In light of this, the Open Access team