Open Access Synergy

I’ve just been talking to colleagues who are working on our sister Pathfinder project led by Edinburgh.

We were discussing standardising metadata specifications to be system agnostic.  One project is focussing on EPrints and another on PURE but much of the information is common and having a common specification and language will help with data transferability and understanding.

We also discussed linking up on our first workshop (date to be confirmed probably September 2014) and including some work on the metadata specification and the process requirements at the workshop.

We will also try to co-ordinate some activities  in locations more suited to those organisations based in Scotland.



Working on Metadata Requirements

I’ve collated some thoughts on the fields from RIOXX, and input from other organisations (mainly but not only EPrints users) on the document available via  and I’m hoping to follow up with discussions with some of these sites.

Other project team member are reviewing these comments and we hope to include a slot on metadata at our team meeting on 7th July with a view to polishing it up a bit for the community to further comment on.

We hope to get basic metadata and basic RCUK report running first then perhaps over next year or so go back and add more process requirements.

Open Access Working Together

1) Jisc and several of the pathfinders are doing work on financials of open access.  So I have invited various people to comment on the open access metadata discussion document I have started on this blog

2)The EPrints UK meeting on Friday encouraged working together on open access requirements.  As well as trying to establish what metadata is important we are exploring whether sites have already set something up that we can use as a starting point.

3) At the SCONUL 2014 Summer Conference I included an overview of the pathfinder programme and the End-to-End project in particular in my session.  I also spoke with representatives from SWETS and Sierra and we pondered exploring better integration of these services into the open access process.

4) The RIOXX project have just released their documentation at so I will be cross referencing it (no pun intended) with our metadata ponderings.

Hoping to bring it all together!


Acceptance or Publication?

I hosted an event for ModernGov on Open Access earlier in the week. I talked a fair but about the Jisc Open Access Pathfinder projects and of course majored on E2EOA. Everyone was very excited about the prospect of a series of workshops. One particular issue that came out was the  HEFCE Open Access Policy for the next REF – almost universally people felt that using the acceptance date (rather than publication date) to start the clock ticking was unworkable. I wonder if HEFCE will reconsider this position, as I have heard many others (for example at the ARMA conference in Blackpool) express this concern – particularly those with existing systems.

Metadata for Open Access

Hi All,

I’m posting my initial thoughts on metadata for open access.

Feel free to add fields that you think are essential at the bottom of the sheet (add your name to the originator column) or to comment on the suggestions by adding a column at the right and giving your name/group there.

I will have a thorough review of this once the V4OA/UKRISS/HEFCE/RCUK joint discussion document is published – expected in next couple of weeks.  I am also involved in the CASRAI-UK Open Access metadata working group on this topic.


See references below.



What is happening with Open Access?


A summary of the open access issues discussed at the recent ARMA Open Access Problem Solving Workshop is available at:


Also Neil Jacobs of Jisc has just published a page about some work that has been initiated with publishers looking at possibility of getting metadata and author accepted manuscripts from publishers.


ARMA will be continuing to work on Open Access issues as will the Jisc Pathfinder projects:


We are discussing options for joining up communications and initatives about open access.



Good chat at the Jisc OA Good Practice Workshop

Simon Kerridge from Kent, Kate Walker from Southampton, and myself attended the event yesterday in London.

Each project team gave a short overview of their plans. Here is ours:


It was great to catch up with existing and new contacts within the projects and with other interested parties.

The emphasis of the day was definetly working together.  Loads of ideas to follow up.

We continued discussions with Hull regarding how we will split systems development work to avoid duplication, and with UCL on how we might best address advocacy workshops which both projects suggested in their proposals.

All very keen to ensure information shared as widely as possible. We will be using our networks to share information.  Simon is Chair of ARMA and I am the Open Access Special Interest Group Champion.  We also have links with many networks such as SCONUL, RLUK, UKCoRR and will do our best to continue to share information about Open Access activity.

Thanks to all the tweeters who eloquently covered the event such that I did not feel the need to do a lot of tweeting myself (tag used #oagp if anyone wants to search)

Please find below the link to the package of notes, presentations and additional supporting documentation from the workshop:

Further announcements regarding future events, webinars and workshops will be available on the blog, and via twitter feed (@OA_GoodPractice)




E2E to present at the Jisc OA Good Practice Workshop on 17 June 2014

The new End-to-End OA project will be presenting at the first Jisc OA Good Practice Workshop on 17 June 2014 in London, see for further information.  The other seven pathfinder projects will also be there, with presentations from the consortia led by Covnetry, Northumbria, Oxford Brookes, UCL, Bath, Hull and Manchester.  Our presentation will be by Valerie McCutcheon from Glasgow with support from Simon Kerridge from Kent as representatives from the Glasgow-Kent-Lancaster-Southampton consortium.

There are over 50 people booked – we look forward to seeing you there!

More details of the eight projects can be found on the Jisc OA Project website:

We will of course be sharing the presentation on-line afterwards with any other snippets that we pick up

E2E commences

Welcome to the End-to-End – Open Access Process Review and Improvements (E2E) project blog!

E2E is a two year project funded by JISC under the OA Good Practice Pathfinder Programme, which will conclude at the end of May 2016.

For now, you can read specifically about this project here about the E2E project and about the programme and other projects under the OA Good Practice Pathfinder Programme here Details of the project team will be augmented on the page E2E project partners. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we report how the project is progressing. To keep up-to-date with all things E2E, follow the hashtag #e2eoa on twitter or subscribe to this blog.